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Our team at Southern Shore Dental knows that you want a healthy smile. A dental filling helps repair cavities and cracks in your teeth. 

Why do I need to have a filling?

You might need a filling because you have decay in a tooth. Fillings can also be used to repair cracks in a tooth. 

A bonded filling is appropriate when the cavity to be filled is small and the area is not exposed to a lot of force in the mouth.

If you have a large cavity on a molar of you grind your teeth at night, a bonded filling may not be the best choice for you. Our friendly dental team will discuss the best restoration for your smile.

What can I expect after I receive a filling?

Most patients won't notice a difference after the bonded filling is placed.

You will be able to eat and drink normally once the local anaesthetic has worn off. If you do notice any discomfort, please contact our office.

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Dental Fillings, Goulds Dentist

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